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My name is Iwona and I’m a food stylist and a photographer. My offer includes food styling consultation, professional food and product styling and photography, food event photography, photo sessions for restaurants including food, portrait and interior photography.

I write restaurants reviews, I cook and prepare recipes from various ingredients. I was awarded “The Best Polish Food Photographer of The Year 2016”. I was a judge in Pomorskie Culinary Prestige program, responsible for rating and qualifying restaurants. My photos were published in the most popular Polish food magazines like Kuchnia or Slow Life.

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About me

What is your first thought in the morning? Is it: “hey, what a beautiful day! Perfect for a bike ride”? Or rather: “7am? Nah, just a few more minutes in bed…”.

Every happy person in this world has this something. In my case it is food. When I wake up early morning, my thought is “Hey, what a beautiful day! Perfect for… oh no, it’s 7am. I’ve already missed the best morning light!” My second thought would be probably: “Okay. So I’m gonna sleep for a few more minutes, but…” I’m too hungry to stay in a bed 🙂

Not that I’m a kind of a night owl. Quite the opposite. But when I can’t sleep, I read Cook’s Illustrated, browse the cookbook that I’ve just pinched from my friends’ shelf or watch the latest episode of MasterChef. This is what keeps me up at night. Food. And showing on my pictures how tasty it can be. Composition and colors are my strengths. And I love to use them to make people feel hungry.

There is a saying I’ve heard a while ago: “There are 2 kinds of people: those who eat to live and those who live to eat.” Guess which of these groups I belong to?

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